• Sweet- red and sweet- mixed (entreverado) peppers.
  • Hot- red and hot- mixed peppers.
  • Small peppers (piquillo).
  • “Cristal” peppers.
  • Sweet and hot crushed peppers.
  • Big peppers “guindillón and crushed- big peppers.

Peppers are packaged in 450, 500 c.c. cans and jars.

Big peppers “guindillón” are packaged in 120 and 250 c.c. jars.


  • Artichoke hearts
  • Artichoke hearts with stems
  • Artichoke stems.

They are packaged in 450, 600, 720 and 2000 c.c. jars.

The artichoke size depends on the size of the jar.


They are packaged in 600 and 720 c. c. jars.

The leeks can be of different diameters.


  • Fresh crushed tomato
  • Fresh whole tomato

Tomato is packaged in 500 c.c. cans.